1-Where can I find the Pin Number?
The Pin Number can be found on the back of the download card which was included in the magazine you purchased.

2-Why is my Pin Number not working?
You have already used it to login.The Pin Number is good for only one use.

3-How can I get another Pin Number?
You will have to buy one of our magazines branded as 40+, 50+, EFG presents, 30 Plus MILFS,Nasty Housewives presents
from the newsstand or you can subscribe for the issues and save 50% of Newstand prices.

4-How do I download the video?
Step 1-Enter Pin Number in the box provided in this site.
Step 2-Right Click on the download link which corresponds to your operating system and choose option "Save Target as" or "Save link as" and click save.
Step 3-Wait for the download to finish.IMPORTANT: Do not close your browser (approx 50 mins to 120 mins depending on your internet speed and the format you choose.)

5-Does the card work for PC, Mac, Iphone, Ipad, Smartphones?
Yes can download any one of the above versions to your PC or Mac and transfer them to your mobile devices.

6-Is the movie different for each issue?
Yes each issue has a different movie.

7-How do I transfer the Iphone format from my PC or Mac to my Iphone?
Simply open itunes on your computer then drag the folder which contains the Iphone formatted video you downloaded and drop it in the middle of your ITunes screen,then close your ITunes screen. Next hook your Iphone to your computer with a cable and your Iphone will automatically sync with your Itunes playlist.

If you have any feed back which can help improve our service please email us at feedback@5freedvd.com